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About HeadFirst Sports Injury and Concussion Care

HeadFirst Sports Injury and Concussion Care was founded as a service of Righttime Medical Care to provide concussion education, evaluation, and treatment for patients of all ages who have sustained head injuries. Trained in the evaluation and management of mTBI, the HeadFirst medical team works with a network of specialists to ensure patients receive optimal care. HeadFirst also provides ImPACT® baseline testing and post-injury testing for sports teams and individuals ages 5 and up, and supports athletic trainers and coaches with a community-focused concussion awareness education program, and a sports injury hotline.

Established in 1989, Righttime Medical Care is a leading provider of urgent care services with 15 Care Centers, open 365 days a year throughout Maryland. Anyone of any age with a suspected concussion can visit one of the Righttime Medical Care locations for an immediate medical evaluation. Injured athletes may have their care coordinated by their school athletic trainer via the HeadFirst sports injury hotline.

All of the physicians and licensed health care providers at Righttime Medical Care have been trained in the evaluation and management of patients sustaining brain injuries and can provide acute medical evaluation of all injured athletes. Our health care providers work with primary care physicians, neuropsychologists, neurologists, athletic trainers, coaches, and school administrators, to optimize the appropriate individualized plan for a safe return to work, academics, and activity.

How to Refer Your Patient

Physician referrals can be made by calling 1-855-748-4868 (SIT IT OUT) or your patients may call directly and schedule their appointments by calling 1-855-748-4868 (SIT IT OUT).

HeadFirst Concussion Management

Diagnosing a concussion through:

  • Sports Injury Hotline for athletic trainer consultation on the sidelines
  • Physical exam by a provider trained in concussion management
  • Specialized subcortical neurological exam
  • Serial ImPACT® testing and analysis
  • Assess any need for imaging studies

Services within our continuum of care:

  • Education for the patient and caregivers
  • Establish follow-up care to help patient return to school, work, and physical activity
  • Document sharing with physicians, athletic trainers, coaches, teachers, employers, and others
  • Care plans for school, sports, and work
  • Specialist referrals if clinically indicated

Completion of care:

  • Upon discharge, discharge summary sent to primary care provider
  • Referral summary sent if patient is referred to a specialist 
  • Completed return to activity forms sent to PCP, and school, sports organizations, and/or employer

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