What is Baseline and Post Injury Testing?

Will my child be okay?

Most than likely, your child will be just fine. The vast majority of children who have sustained a concussion make a complete recovery with no complications. However, it’s crucial that a child with a concussion is diagnosed and treated properly, and that he avoids physical and mental exertion for the period of time recommended by his doctor.

Some children with concussions do develop more serious complications. It might be months before they regain normal brain function and feel “like themselves” again. This is especially true of children who experience a second concussion when they have not fully recovered from their first.

If your child has suffered a possible concussion, the most important thing you can do to maximize his chances of a full recovery is to seek immediate medical treatment. Always follow prescribed recommendations for rest, monitoring and follow-up care. And, if your child plays sports, be sure to adhere to the restrictions and gradual schedule for return to play outlined by his doctor.

What is a Neurocognitive Baseline Test?

ImPACT® is a computerized exam utilized in many professional, collegiate, and high school sports programs across the country to successfully diagnose and manage concussions. If an athlete is believed to have suffered a head injury during competition, ImPACT is used to help determine the severity of head injury and when the injury has fully healed.

Where can an athlete/player take an ImPACT baseline test?

Baseline and post-injury testing can be scheduled at any of our locations. All HeadFirst locations are located inside a Righttime Medical Care center.

Call 1-855-748-4868 (SIT IT OUT) or schedule online.

Why should my athlete/player take an ImPACT baseline test?

To gather important data to better manage concussion. A baseline test outlines how a player’s brain functions without injury. In the event of an injury, the data is compared to post-injury test results to determine the severity of a concussion.

What age group is appropriate for taking ImPACT baseline and post-injury tests?

HeadFirst offers baseline and post-injury tests to players who are ages 5 to 24.

How long does it take to take the test/what does the test involve?

Most people finish a baseline test in less than 30 minutes.

What is it like to take the test?

This non-invasive test is set up in “video-game” type format in front of a computer. It is simple, and actually many athletes enjoy the challenge of taking the test. Essentially, the ImPACT test is a preseason physical of the brain.

What does the test measure?

The test measures multiple aspects of cognitive functioning in athletes, including attention span, working memory, sustained and selective attention time, response variability, non-verbal problem solving and reaction time.

Who will administer the test?

HeadFirst-trained personnel will administer the ImPACT test, along with oversight from our providers.

Are there any risks associated with taking the test?

ImPACT testing is non-invasive and poses no risk to the athlete.

How much does it cost to take the test?

The fee for a single ImPACT test is $35, which covers administrative costs. The cost is payable at the time of your appointment. Team testing discounts are available by calling 1-855-748-4868 (SIT IT OUT) for details. Please review your insurance benefits for information regarding coverage under your plan.

How can I access a copy of my player's ImPACT baseline test results for post-injury comparison?

To request a copy of your player's ImPACT baseline test results, please contact info@myheadfirst.com or 1-855-748-4868 (SIT IT OUT).

How long are the results accurate?

We suggest that athletes get an ImPACT baseline test every year up to 8th grade, then every two years from their freshman year of high school. In college, athletes should only be tested once. At the professional level, each athlete should be tested annually.

What if I don't have a baseline on an athlete/player?

ImPACT has a very large amount of normative data available for athletes 10 and older, so if an athlete does not have a baseline he or she still should receive a post-injury test. Our program allows you to compare the athletes' post-injury tests to individual tests to provide an additional assessment tool to your medical provider.

What if I am interested in having my child’s entire team baseline tested?

For ImPACT team testing, please call 1-855-748-4868 (SIT IT OUT).