Sports Injury Hotline

The HeadFirst Sports Injury Hotline is your first resource for all sideline injuries. Staffed 6am to midnight, seven days a week, the hotline provides personal concierge service to all athletic trainers. Our on-call physician is available to provide advice for suspected concussions, fractures, sprains, joint injuries, cuts, rashes, and other sports injuries, and to provide assistance to get your athlete to the most appropriate Righttime Care Center.

The Sports Injury Hotline number is not to be given out to the general public in order for it to be accessible for the most serious sports injuries. We request that athletic trainers be the only ones to call the hotline.

Please complete the following form to request access to the Sports Injury Hotline.

Concussions Happen

A compilation of big hits from all sports that could, and in may cases did, lead to concussions.