HeadFirst is now MedStar Health Concussion Clinic

HeadFirst is delighted to now be part of the MedStar Health family. Together, we provide extensive services for the diagnosis, management, and treatment of mild traumatic brain injuries (mTBI). We care for patients with head injuries from any cause, including slips and falls, motor vehicle accidents, and sports injuries.

If you suspect you or your child may have a concussion, please call us at 855-748-4868 to schedule an appointment.

While our appointments are timely, we do not provide acute, emergency evaluations. If your injury is urgent, please visit MedStar Health Urgent Care or Righttime Medical Care for a head trauma evaluation. If your injury is an emergency, please dial 911 or take safe transportation to the nearest emergency room.

If you have been diagnosed with a concussion or suspect you may have one, you can make an appointment at one of our concussion clinics by calling the appointment phone line below between the hours of 8am and 6pm:


Telehealth appointments available (Maryland residents only).

Emergency: Call 911